Service Learning to Scholarships: The National Honor Societies Help Bring Your Students’ Goals Within Reach

You may know the National Honor Societies as a recognition program. And, in many ways, it is. But it’s also so much more. National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) strive to develop a culture of inclusion, service, and achievement while removing barriers to student success—goals that closely align with your own as a school counselor. Find out how you can partner with NHS and NJHS at your school and see how the programs’ robust set of resources—from college scholarships to leadership development—can help support you as you guide your students toward future success.

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Funding For Their Future

  • NHS Scholarship
    Since 1946, more than $17 million in scholarships have been awarded to outstanding seniors by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the parent organization of NHS. This year, NASSP will once again distribute $2 million to create opportunities for deserving graduating students. By making them aware of this opportunity and encouraging them to apply, you help open the door for your deserving students to continue their education and achieve their dreams.

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    NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award Program
    Because it’s never too early to jump-start a student’s journey toward higher education, the National Junior Honor Society presents the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award to 500 middle level members annually. Each recipient is recognized with a $500 award placed in a college savings account program-managed by Oppenheimer Funds (OFI Private Investments) as part of the New Mexico Education Trust Board’s 529 college savings plan: The Education Plan. As applications open each year, we invite counselors to spread the word to their exceptional students—not only to help them potentially receive a share of the $250,000 NASSP awards each year and gain recognition for their hard work, but to start thinking tangibly about preparing for the future.

Preparation For Their Future

  • College and Career Readiness Webinar Series
    Live webinars on the college admission planning process exclusively for member students and their parents offer access to valuable advice from admissions experts.

  • #Futuready Leadership Development and Recognition
    Recognizing compassionate leaders early pays dividends for communities and our collective future. That’s why initiatives like the #Futuready online modules serve to help NHS and NJHS students prepare for life’s next steps. The National Honor Societies seeks to provide support to student leaders by building power skills of empathy, critical thinking, and leadership which are always in high demand.

Culture Of Caring For Our Shared Future

  • Caring

    Service Mindset and Action
    Individual, chapter, and schoolwide service projects are what NHS and NJHS students are known for. As compassionate leaders for today and tomorrow, they help build service mindset and action into the everyday of a learning community. That’s why we offer members unlimited access to service planning templates and resources, including nearly 10,000 project ideas in our extensive National Student Project Database.

Sample Content from the National Honor Societies

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Proud to Be First

How advisers can encourage and prepare first-generation college students

Working Toward Equity

Breaking down barriers for the betterment of your students

The Best Version of Yourself

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Houston Food Bank

Post Oak High School
Houston, TX

“I volunteered at the Houston Food Bank for a total of eleven hours among three visits. I also created an infographic that I put up around my school to raise awareness about hunger and inform students about the Houston Food Bank. I cut vegetables, made sandwiches, helped prep meals, and did various other tasks. Overall this was a great experience and I not only feel like I made a positive impact on my community but I also learned so much about hunger in Houston and how food banks are so important.”

Cooking for the Homeless

Post Oak High School
Houston, TX

“My project idea of cooking meals for the homeless came from reading about how the homeless are severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. There is a shortage of food and water at shelters and less donations are being made to the homeless. I am fortunate enough to be in a position to help my community so I decided to cook meals and provide water for the homeless. First, I had to buy the ingredients, which consisted of rice and beans. Then, I had to soak the beans over night and then the next day I spend almost the entire day cooking and packaging the food. I then delivered the food to a family within the organization I was working though, and they went out and delivered the food to the homeless. I used takeout containers that my family had saved to package the meals and I also used larger containers to make family sized meals as well. This project was very rewarding and exciting as I learned new cooking skills and was able to help my community!”

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Use the resources available to you through NHS and NJHS and be a champion for your students’ growth today and success tomorrow. If there’s no chapter to partner with where you are, speak to your principal about bringing one to your school.

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