Celebrate your hard work and impact by nominating your chapter for our prestigious NHS Awards!

Why Step into the Spotlight? 

Recognition: Get some well-deserved applause for your chapter’s hard work. 

Engagement: Show off how you’re embracing the core values of NHS. 

Collaboration: Share your success and pick up new ideas from peers. 

Impact: Showcase the great ways your chapter influences your school and community. 

Awards Available: 

  • Scholarship Award of Excellence: Granted to chapters exhibiting commitment and actions towards academic success within the chapter and the broader school population. 

  • Leadership Award of Excellence: Granted to chapters nurturing potential leaders, offering growth opportunities, and inspiring students to drive positive change. 

  • Service Award of Excellence: Granted to chapters making a significant imprint on their community through service projects and activities which demonstrate a selfless spirit. 

  • Character Award of Excellence: Granted to chapters upholding NHS values, and positively impacting the larger school community on behavior, responsibility, and other societal virtues.  

  • Award of Overall Excellence: Granted to chapters who are transforming their schools through all four pillars of National Honor Society. 

Perks for Winners:

  • A personalized congratulations letter from NHS

  • A printable certificate for bragging rights

  • A digital badge for your school’s website

  • A press release template to make headlines in your local media

  • A social media tool kit to spread the word far and wide

Nomination Process:

  • Criteria
    • Active chapter membership during both the nomination year (2023–2024) and the award year (2024–2024)
    • Complete all sections of the nomination form
  • What You Need
    • Fill in the basics about your chapter, describe your standout achievements, and detail the impact of your key initiatives using this self-reflection rubric.
    • Meet with your NHS officers and review the NHS Chapter Pillar Award of Excellence Rubric.
    • Reflect on the chapter’s work during the 2023–2024 school year in each of the pillars and do a self-rating in each area of establishing, developing, impacting, or transforming.
      • If the chapter is “establishing” or “developing” in all pillars, use the rubric to guide the chapter’s growth next year to prepare for nomination of your chapter for an Award of Excellence next school year.
      • If there are pillars where your chapter is “impacting” or “transforming,” you may nominate your chapter for an Award of Excellence in that pillar. Go here to complete your nomination. A chapter can only self-nominate for one award.
      • If the self-rating shows your chapter is “impacting” or “transforming” in every pillar, consider nominating the chapter for the NHS Chapter Pillar Award of Overall Excellence.
    • Prepare responses for the nomination, referring to this pdf. The following must review and sign off on the nomination:
      • NHS adviser
      • Two NHS student members
      • School administrator
    • Complete SurveyMonkey nomination.
    • Submit nomination by Friday, May 31, 2024.

Awards will be announced in September 2024. Let’s get those nominations rolling and start celebrating your chapter’s fantastic contributions! If you need any help or have questions about the nomination process, just hit us up at [email protected]