Thinking Inside the Box: Because Boxes Are Reality

Recalling the many times in my career that principals and peers challenged me to think outside the box, and then in turn me sharing the same advice with my student leaders, the idea of "thinking inside the box" seems counterintuitive. After all, we want our students to think about the possibilities when faced with hurdles...
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Gaining Perspective From the LEADership Community

Life is a cumulation of the moments we've had, with some moments more significant than others. As we accumulate experiences, our lives can transform from just one moment. My life-changing experience involves 500+ student leaders from 50+ states and U.S. territories, all in the heart of Washington, D.C. NASSP's LEAD Conference held earlier this month...
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A Season of Giving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we spoke with Lynnette Hollis, an instructor in the Freshman Transition Academy at Delcastle High School in Wilmington, DE, about the school’s inspiring service project, the Soul to Sole Sock Drive. Hollis is also the adviser of the school club Leading Ladies Empowerment Group and the heart behind the service...
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Encourage Your NJHS Students to Apply for the Outstanding Achievement Award

Are your NJHS students living out the core pillars of the National Junior Honor Society: scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship? If so, it's time to recognize them for their hard work and dedication. The NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) offers a remarkable opportunity for students to celebrate their accomplishments and further their educational aspirations,...
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Instructional Benefits May Be the #1 Reason to Implement AP Precalculus

Every year, thousands of students pay for college math courses that duplicate the math they mastered in their high school precalculus courses. That’s because they didn’t earn college credit for the college-level math that they learned. AP® Precalculus helps solve that problem by addressing some of the greatest challenges students face in achieving their bachelor’s...
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Five Critical Skill Sets and Their Instructional Implications

From major societal and technological shifts to climate change, AI, and more, students today live in a rapidly transforming world.   In addition to metacognitive skills, I believe there are five key “learning to learn” skill sets that will increase school success and better prepare students for a lifetime of change.  (more…)
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Transforming Schools Into Communities 

School leaders want students to succeed and become their best selves, within schools bursting with positivity. However, the reality is that educators are dealing with some hard challenges. Amidst a trifecta of concerns at schools around the country—student learning loss, low student engagement, and a rise in student behavior problems—how can school leaders like yourself...
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My Rise Experience: More Than Just a Scholarship

I first heard about Rise during my sophomore year of high school. While scrolling through Instagram, I found a video about a program that provided opportunities for promising young people committed to serving others. This piqued my interest. The application itself was fairly straightforward—all it required was that I record videos talking about my passions...
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Why Every Student Council Should Apply for NCOE Awards

Applications for the 2024 National Council of Excellence (NCOE) Awards—representing council activities and projects from January 1 to December 31, 2023—opened last month. To understand the benefits of applying for and receiving such recognition, we spoke with Shawn Freeman, a student council adviser at Ada High School in Ada, OK, and the executive director of...
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Ensuring Safety at Football Games and After-school Events

An exciting part of fall is the return of Friday night football. But tragically, many communities across the country have already been shattered by gun violence this school year on far too many Fridays. While school shootings continue to be a painfully regular occurrence, we hope that Americans refuse to become complacent in accepting this...
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Five Tips for New NHS Advisers

Congratulations! You are now an NHS adviser. At this moment, you are probably filled with a variety of emotions—from excited and anxious to overwhelmed and terrified at the thought of beginning your new role. Don’t panic! You are not alone. I must confess that years ago, I too (along with most other NHS advisers I...
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2023 NHS Scholarship Finalists Reflect on Award Experience

Being named an NHS scholarship finalist is a prestigious honor that comes with the obvious perk of dollars toward a college education. But did you know that finalists also receive the trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C.? Every spring 25 high school seniors designated as finalists come together to meet each other in person,...
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Redefining Success for Youth Entrepreneurship Education

The head of a private high school in the United States recently reached out to me, concerned about the school’s three-year-old entrepreneurship program. The students were not working on innovative solutions and were not launching businesses based on their ideas. She wanted my guidance on what they were doing wrong and how the school could...
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