Celebrate 100 years of student excellence and innovation with a local centennial event. Far more than an honor roll, National Honor Society is committed to developing well-rounded students who value the four NHS pillars. Your event can help communicate those throughout the learning community. The following checklist can help you plan and hold a meaningful NHS centennial event:

Event Planning:

  • Carefully consider potential event dates. Think about providing enough time to build up excitement, and try not to overlap with other events.
    • A chapter’s own charter date might be a good time to hold a centennial celebration.
  • Place the approved date for the centennial event on your school or district’s master calendar.
  • Plan meetings with student leaders and others to decide how the NHS centennial will be celebrated.
  • Select a master (or masters) of ceremony for the event.
  • Determine roles of school leaders and others in the event.
  • Start publicizing the event in schools and other media outlets: the school newspaper, PA announcements, social media, local media, posters, etc. (See our sample press release.)
  • Establish a cleanup committee.
  • Write a script that focuses on clear, timely, and audience appropriate messages.
  • Assess the event’s sound, technology, and lighting needs.
  • List required event supplies and equipment, and designate people to obtain them.
  • Rehearse the event program.
  • Create a detailed description of the entire program, including participants, timelines, learning goals, etc., and share it with the administration and faculty.

Day of the Event:

  • Double-check that all participants understand the event program order and their responsibilities.
  • Set up any audiovisual equipment (sound, lighting, etc.) at least one hour in advance and make sure it works!
  • Make arrangements at least one hour in advance for official guests (e.g., NHS alumni) to be met by a student guide.

After the Event:

  • Meet the cleanup committee at a predesignated place to start cleaning up the event area.
  • Post event video clips online on social media. Be sure to include the official NHS Centennial hashtag (#NHS100) so that we can share in your celebration!

We hope you enjoy planning and participating in your NHS centennial celebration. Don’t forget to share your school’s centennial activities using #NHS100!

NHS chapters play a pivotal role in school districts and learning communities, ultimately making a lasting impact on the education landscape. Through regular engagement in student activities and high visibility within the school, NHS improves the culture and quality of not just its members, but of the student body at large. There’s never been a better time to join NHS—so help continue this legacy of excellence by encouraging a local school to start a new chapter.