End-of-Year High Fives
Some of you are well into your summer break and others are still counting the days or hours until you head out for a well-deserved respite. For all your work to celebrate the achievement and support the success of your chapter members this year, we say “Thank you!”


Do You Have the Write Stuff? Advise Needs You!
This summer, share your knowledge with fellow advisers by writing an article for Advise magazine. Our editorial team is always looking for the real-time experience of advisers like you. Maybe you feel you don’t have the time or expertise to write an article—no worries. Ideas for articles are also welcome. Check out the editorial calendar here or email [email protected] with ideas.

NHS Scholarship Winners Posted Online
All winners of the 2015–16 NHS Scholarship have been posted online. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to the advisers and principals who supported member applicants. Applications for the 2016–17 program will open in fall 2016. Share this NHS Scholarship video with your rising seniors to help them prepare to apply.

The Annual Adviser Survey Needs Your Input
All advisers should have received an email from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation with a link to the annual NHS and NJHS adviser survey. The survey requests more insight into your chapter membership, as well as data on your chapter activity from this year. Upon completion, you will receive a code for 20 percent off your purchase from the NHS or NJHS Store. If you have not yet completed the survey, please do so by June 30 by accessing the NHS Adviser Survey or NJHS Adviser Survey online now.

Renew Before June 30
Make sure your chapter is renewed and ready to go for the 2016–17 academic year. Your chapter’s primary adviser can quickly and easily renew online at www.nhs.us/renew or www.njhs.us/renew. Invoices can also be retrieved once you log in to the chapter account online. For chapters that must wait to renew until a new fiscal year begins, encourage your bookkeeper to put this payment at the top of the list. Renewal ensures you receive all communication from the national office in time for the start of the school year, including Advise magazine and the annual catalog of insignia and supplies.

Texas Honor Society Advisers: Mark Your Calendar
Plan now to attend the Texas Association of Student Councils Honor Society Adviser Workshop, September 24–25 in San Marcos. Enjoy keynote speakers Dr. Brene Brown and Phil Boyte as well as a specific strand for Honor Society advisers. Learn more here.


Candle Wishes
NEHS members at McFadden School of Excellence in Murfreesboro, TN, hosted a birthday party for local children in need through an organization called “Candle Wishes.” First, they invited the founder/director to speak at a chapter meeting. Then, they had the party, complete with birthday cakes, dinner, presents, and games. Chapter members and many parents worked tirelessly to give these families an experience they would long remember! Read more about this project in the National Student Project Database and consider adapting it for your NHS or NJHS chapter.


National Student Project Database

Use this summer to enter your best projects into the National Student Project Database on the NHS or NJHS website. Include project details such as dates and photos, as well as supporting documents, like fliers, if you have them.


Oswego County Today reports that members of the National Honor Society chapter at Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square, NY, gave a local school in their community a landscaping facelift. Members weeded, raked, and trimmed the courtyard at Millard Hawk Primary School to prepare it for the summer as part of the chapter’s annual group service project. Read about the chapter’s work here.

Has your chapter has been in the news? Tell us! Email [email protected] with Chapters Doing Great Things in the subject line. Visit the Adviser Resource Center’s “Promoting Your Chapter” section for tips on getting coverage of your chapter’s activities.


Summer Service Hours
Visit the Adviser Resource Center’s “Project Planning” section to download a Summer Service Hours Tracking Form. Your chapter members may need this to document a service activity and get a sign-off from a supervising adult.

Is there something you’d like us to include in next month’s Honor Society News? Email your ideas or suggestions to [email protected].


June 30
Deadline to renew your chapter affiliation and complete the annual adviser survey. Renew online for NHS or NJHS.


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Advise magazine cover

The cover article of the June issue of Advise helps you get a jump-start on next year’s programs by fostering parent involvement. Get ready to stock your parental engagement toolkit with guidance on communicating with parents, building parent support, and more.

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