Category:  Advise: Volume 48 (2019-2020)

Morning Announcements: Summer 2020

Make Your Case For Lead LEAD Conferences are energizing weekends that provide advisers and students alike with leadership training, motivation, and networking with peers from around the country. LEAD offers support tools at, which outline for your principal, administrators, or school board the numerous benefits of students and advisers attending a LEAD Conference. Begin...
Advise, Advise: Volume 48 (2019-2020)

Take 10: Summer 2020

Change for the Better Whether you’re a brand-new adviser or a veteran looking to spice things up, there are smart ways to enact change within your chapter or council: Develop an outline for the changes with specific, measurable goals. Use good, reliable sources (both human and material). Make a timetable for completion, including steps with...
Advise, Advise: Volume 48 (2019-2020)