We believe that there is tremendous power operating in the word impact. At its core, the term represents activities, events, or resources altering our experiences. As educators, we can agree that our presence and voice are influential, but our actions produce lasting contributions to society. Students who lead in chapters and councils around the world, too, have the power to create sustaining change or improvements within their schools and surrounding communities.

In the coming weeks, the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee will identify a national initiative designed to address relevant issues present in schools and communities. This effort will enhance leadership and engagement. We are excited when we consider the potential outcomes if every Honor Society chapter and NASC student council tackled the same initiative—imagine the impact on school climate and the many students and people we can affect!

As this work comes to life, join us as we begin to think about the following:

  • How do we engage entire communities around a common issue on a global level?
  • How do we define “success” with regard to impact?
  • What are indicators of success, and how do we share these results?

When you see the word impact, what comes to mind for you? Hopefully, you see a glimpse of yourself investing in the great legacy of your students and how your presence and guidance will foster successes that far exceed today. As an educator and adviser, your impact equips generations.

Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs