We are so excited about the work of chapters and councils related to the NASSP Student Leadership Initiative: Global Citizenship. Your student leaders, with your guidance and support, continue to demonstrate their understanding and responsiveness to the initiative’s five strands—equity, civic engagement, positive social change, empathetic action, and awareness/perspectives. It is because of these efforts that we witness their impact across the country and around the world.

Earlier this academic year when we surveyed advisers about the definition of global citizenship, the concept of “common good” or “public good” was mentioned frequently.

Both “common good” and “public good” are included in an article published by Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, “Turning the Tide: Inspiring Concern for Others and the Common Good Through College Admissions.” In this article, educators discuss the importance of students participating in experiences that will support their ethical and intellectual engagement. The contributors of the article remind us that moments when students are engaged in work for the public good articulate students’ commitment and impact, not only during the middle level or high school years, but throughout their educational journey.

As you prepare to close out your academic year, we encourage you to discuss the idea of servant leadership and public good with your students.

Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs