Every year as the academic year closes, the national office surveys advisers to gather important information about each chapter’s activities. The survey asks for statistics about your chapter members’ engagement in projects, such as hours of community/school service; amount of money, food, or blood donated during collection drives; and so on.

This survey is important. First, take note of a few key changes. Veteran advisers will be pleased to learn that the survey is shorter than in previous years. The end-of-school-year annual survey will now focus solely on quantitative data collection. We will have another periodic survey around winter break, which will seek more qualitative feedback on NHS/NJHS programs and services.

The data collected in the quantitative annual survey is valuable, as we continue to cultivate relationships to enhance the Honor Society experience for student members, their schools, and you.

During this academic year alone, NHS/NJHS college admission planning webinars for student members and parents have tapped the expertise of individuals representing such institutions as Yale University, the University of Michigan, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid, the University of Notre Dame, the National Endowment for Financial Education, and Johns Hopkins University.

“The entire postsecondary preparation process is a complex experience for students and their families. Thus, the National Honor Societies are very committed to building access to and ensuring student success in college,” explains Jonathan Mathis, director of the National Honor Societies.

As such, the demonstrated commitment to service by student members and their schools, evidenced by the compelling statistics revealed through this annual survey, provide a persuasive argument when seeking connections with experts and organizations likely to support this Honor Society vision.

Tips for Survey Completion

The survey will ask for member volunteer service hours, amount of donations collected through chapter activities, etc. So, gather your data—whether you’ve tracked manually or digitally. (If you haven’t been tracking, the survey suggests ways to estimate your totals. Also, read the sidebar for future planning.)

  • Set aside 15–20 minutes in a quiet place, free of distraction.
  • Visit www.nhs.us/advisers or www.njhs.us/advisers for a link to the survey. Complete it by June 30.
  • Include your name and email address to be eligible for a gift card being awarded to eight respondents.

“In essence, advisers are informing our efforts to support their work and build a stronger, more beneficial Honor Society experience for students,” Mathis says. Your completion of the survey will be greatly appreciated.

Keeping Track…

If you haven’t been tallying your chapter’s service activities or would like to find a better way to do so, consider these options:

  • Do a Google search using keywords “community service tracker” for record-keeping programs. Some are free!
  • Visit the Adviser Online Community (http://community.nassp.org) and get suggestions from fellow advisers. The community will be open all summer. Log in and start a conversation!
  • If you’re the pencil-and-paper type who prefers a more traditional tracking method, download the service tracking spreadsheet in the Adviser Resource Center. (See www.nhs.us/arc or www.njhs.us/arc.) Click the “Project Planning and Fundraising” tile.