Hug It Out

We’ve all had those days where just about the only cure to feeling awful is a tight embrace from another human. Luckily, we live in the digital age where the world’s nicest people came together to create “the nicest place on the internet.” is a website that runs a loop of various kind souls from around the globe hugging their computer screens, and whoever is viewing by proxy. Get your virtual hug on—just don’t squeeze too tightly!

Strike a Pose

It may sound too straightforward to be true, but simply sitting with good posture can result in relaxing effects to your body and overall mood. Good posture helps you take in more oxygen, which enhances performance under stress. You can start right at your desk: sit up straight, drop your shoulders, and breathe slowly and consistently. If you think it’s becoming too easy, you’re winning.

Step It Up

Summer is the season for getting back into shape. So, why not start with a relaxing 10-minute walk? Now you can track where you traipse with apps like MapMyWalk, Strava, and PumaTrac. Of course, the fresh air is nice, but there’s something so satisfying about spelling a message over a mile or more around your neighborhood.

#TuesdayMotivation for 10

If Monday has passed you by and you’re still not finding the motivation you need to get through the week, it’s time to take 10 and go searching for it. Start with a search for #TuesdayMotivation. In what some have described as a worldwide phenomenon, Twitter users from all around the world have devoted their Tuesdays to motivating everyone else with various uplifting quotes, jokes, stories, and pictures of feline friends demonstrating how to “hang in there” for the betterment of humanity. Before you know it, you’ll be able to tackle anything—just as soon as you stop scrolling.