What does it mean for students to be #Futuready? Coined by the national office, #Futuready suggests the preparatory skills needed for future success. And in its quest to ensure all students of NHS- and NJHS-affiliated schools are truly ready for their future, the national office has proudly launched its #Futuready series, an essential and practical resource for you and your students. #Futuready is a comprehensible suite of visual guides and videos designed to build the basic, yet vital skills imperative for college, career, and lifetime success.

What Is #Futuready?

Custom-prepared for middle level and high school students by educators, the #Futuready series currently includes five modules-goal-setting, time-management, self-management, exploring careers, and mastering interviews.

The segments are presented in a way that is straightforward and basic. Concepts are broken into bite-sized portions, providing a step-by-step guide to serve as a refresher for an overwhelmed student or as a helpful first step in preparing middle level students for the rigors of high school and beyond.

Each installment is showcased on its own webpage. The webpage includes the visual guide; a three- to four-minute video; and additional resources on the topic, such as links to more web content, tracking sheets, and games. Each visual guide is a downloadable PDF with areas where students can make notes or answer questions. To access material, visit www.nhs.us/futuready or www.njhs.us/futuready.

Who Can Use #Futuready?

Anyone in a National Honor Societies affiliated-school—you, fellow teachers, counselors, and even nonmember students—can use #Futuready. The modules are designed to be self-guided, meaning a student can review the guide and video independently or with a parent. Additionally, as an adviser, you can use these modules as part of a chapter meeting, or your fellow teachers can use any portion of #Futuready to integrate with lesson plans or curriculum. You are encouraged to share these assets schoolwide.

What Is the Future of #Futuready?

More topics are in queue. But the national office wants to hear from you. What soft skills do you believe need to be addressed so you see better-prepared students in the future? Email [email protected] or [email protected]. Tweet us suggestions @nhs_njhs using #Futuready. You can also start a discussion thread in the Adviser Online Community to post suggestions, seek implementation ideas, or share successes. Visit https://community.nassp.org.

Get #Futuready

Explore the NHS and NJHS #Futuready series at www.nhs.us/futuready or www.njhs.us/futuready.