Welcome to another year for your school’s Honor Society chapter! Whether you’re a new adviser stepping into the role or a seasoned adviser looking for ways to refresh your chapter, we want to highlight resources that can help make your year a success. With these, you’ll not only be equipped with tools to support your own role, you’ll engage your chapter members and promote their growth as leaders in your school and community.

Verifying Student Membership With the National Office—NEW!

Advisers and student members have both been asking: Once students are inducted into NHS and NJHS, is there a way that the national office can record members? The answer is now “yes!” Once students are inducted into NJHS and NHS, advisers can add their names to their online account to automatically verify them as Honor Society members for life. Students can also create their accounts on our website and the chapter adviser will be automatically notified to request verification. Verifying students is easy—simply log in and check a box! Have questions? Visit our FAQ page on Student Accounts, found at www.nhs.us/profile and www.njhs.us/profile.

Adviser Resource Center

Your next stop for more information is the Adviser Resource Center, found at www.nhs.us/arc and www.njhs.us/arc. You’ll find all the reference materials you need, including the NHS Constitution, NHS Handbook, sample bylaws, resource directories, and more. Newcomers should start by browsing the “New Chapters & New Advisers” section to become acquainted with the wealth of information and tools to help in organizing and managing a chapter. Are your chapter’s bylaws aligned with the national guidelines outlined in the NHS Constitution? The beginning of the year is a great time to refamiliarize yourself with both the NHS Handbook and your chapter’s own regulations and procedures to identify any areas that may require updating. Selection of candidates will be here sooner than you realize, so make sure you know your chapter’s selection process. Service projects are the backbone of Honor Society chapter activities, and the “Project Planning & Fundraising” section has the tools you need to get started planning your chapter’s service projects for the year. From there, visit the National Student Project Database to see what other chapters have accomplished and get inspiration.

Adviser Online Community

The Adviser Online Community (http://community.nassp.org) connects advisers around the world by providing a platform to join meaningful discussions, learn how other chapters operate, and find solutions to common leadership challenges. The “Managing Your Chapter” discussion area can be invaluable for new advisers who may seek guidance on what to do during their first months with the chapter, and seasoned advisers can share advice based on their experiences. This is also a great place to find input from peers on handling difficult topics such as discipline, dismissal, and cases of nonselection. Be sure to also check out the “Empowering Your Student Leaders” discussion section to read how other chapters build teamwork and encourage their members to take on leadership roles and become involved in the community. We’re excited to see what your chapter will accomplish in the new year as you maintain and build on the legacy of the National Honor Societies. Don’t hesitate to explore the resources available to you and your chapter members. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at [email protected], [email protected], or 800-253-7746.