Students will learn firsthand that they can always do more.


  • Two sticky notes per member
  • Writing utensil for each member
  • Ladder

Time Required

5–10 minutes


Give each student member two sticky notes when entering the meeting room. Ask members to write their name on each note. Instruct students to then take one sticky note and stick it as high as possible on the wall. Do not give them any more instructions. After the members have the first sticky note secured on the wall, tell them to take the second note and put it higher than the first one. Wait until all the sticky notes have been stuck to the wall. Then, bring in the ladder. Climb the ladder and place your first sticky note at the top of the wall or higher than all other notes.


For the first sticky note, most members will stand on the tips of their toes or jump a little to put the note on the wall. They normally will not give a lot of effort to this task. For the second sticky note, most (if not all) members will jump a little higher and get the second note higher than the first. When the ladder is brought in, watch their faces turn. Ask the questions:

  • Could you have gotten your sticky note higher?
  • Did you try your best?
  • Did you follow instructions?
  • How could the leader of the activity have helped you?
  • What resources are available to you to achieve any task?
  • Can you do better?

This activity shows the members that all activities and instructions should be completed to the best of their ability. Members should use all resources available to them to complete a task, such as the knowledge of the adviser, parents, staff members, and community members. They should ask questions and communicate with all parties involved to get a favorable outcome. If an activity fails, they will know to try again with the knowledge gained.

On the adviser side, a leader should disclose all information and welcome all feedback. We can always improve!

Holli Cline is a National Junior Honor Society adviser at Fairbanks Middle School in Milford Center, OH.