Lego Winter Wonderland

NHS students at Post Oak High School in Houston thought it would be fun to build up some school spirit—brick by glorious Lego brick. After receiving input from faculty, students chose an area of the school to build their very own Lego winter wonderland creations with pieces donated by themselves and the rest of the student body. Lots of students contributed, and the event ran strong for three weeks!


NJHS students at Pioneer Middle School in Plymouth, MI, partnered with ChemoCare—a nonprofit started by their local high school’s NHS—to learn about different types of cancer, cancer risk factors, and treatment options. Then, the chapter decorated infusion bag covers—which are donated to local hospitals—for children receiving cancer treatments. The covers are placed over the infusion bags so that children do not see the fluids, but rather a cheery drawing from the students.

Beanies for Babies

An NJHS student at Margarita Middle School in Temecula, CA, decided to engage in a project that would support families, especially those with newborns, by making hats for little ones in need. The student received donations from parents, friends, and church members to make the project a success—and created 12 hats. In the future, the student intends to involve the entire chapter and is excited to see the project grow.

Rail Jam

Located in the ski town of Durango, CO, the student council at Durango High School decided to plan an event to engage the talented skiers and snowboarders at their school and others nearby. By reaching out to the community for support, they didn’t have to pay a thing for this event except for the cost of renting the hill, a city permit (around $150), and the purchase of walkie-talkies and racing bibs. Local restaurants covered these costs and local shops donated tons of prizes, including a brand-new pair of skis worth more than $1,000. Twenty-five skiers and snowboarders participated and had a great time!

Royal Brunch

The student council at Garnet Valley High School in Glen Mills, PA, organized a fundraiser to benefit children with pediatric cancer. The event featured fairy-tale-themed activities with the kids and student council members in costumes, and delicious breakfast foods were brought in by members or donated by local coffee shops and restaurants. There were also craft stations, games, and autograph sessions for the children to get signatures from their favorite characters. Overall, the group raised $300 for a great cause.

Be Our Guest

Student council members at Louisiana State University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, LA, wanted to show their appreciation for the cafeteria staff by switching it up and serving them lunch for three Fridays in a month. The council members collected more than $200 from the student body to purchase and serve the lunch. Each Friday, after the cafeteria staff completed their daily lunch service, senior student council members gathered in the cafeteria, set the tables, and served the cafeteria staff lunch. In addition to the lunch service, student members sat down with the staff to get to know them. The lunch turned from small talk to conversations about inside jokes between workers, pranks, football rivalries, and favorite foods.

Window Wash

NJHS students at EAGLE College Prep: South Mountain in Phoenix partnered with their local Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) chapter to raise money to purchase materials to create quilts for children in need. The students planned the event, procured supplies, made posters and designed flyers, and spent a beautiful December afternoon washing car windows with the members of their BACA chapter. They were able to raise $600 and assist roughly 50 families.

Cavs for Canines

NHS students at Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, VA, held a dog adoption and fundraising event for local animal shelters. Members created a family/community field day featuring games, raffles, face painting, and dog pools to get people and their furry friends out to support those shelters and help some of the dogs get adopted. Students also learned how to make dog toys out of old blankets, which were sold to make money for the shelters. They raised $1,000, and three dogs were adopted during the event!