We are only a couple of months into 2020, but good health and leadership are on our minds as we head into spring. Self-care—a simple notion that people must take steps to improve their mental and physical health—may seem at first blush to be too focused on the individual and not on the team. But, in fact, it’s essential for the growth of any chapter, council, club, or organization.

Self-care may also seem like an additional responsibility when so much needs to get done—getting ready for meetings, advertising for spring events, and coordinating service projects with the community. But healthy leaders make for healthy groups. In the feature story “The Best Version of Yourself,” we hope you gain some valuable tips for teaching self-care to all your students.

In our student feature, we share the voices of Joseph Martinez, Jack Proebstle, Cameron Turner, and Logan VanEnkevort on toxic masculinity and what it means to go beyond biases and promote healthy energy outlets. This issue also features one of our special partners, Four Diamonds Mini-THON®, on how they work toward a cancer-free world while engaging student leaders in impactful fundraising.

Thanks for being healthy leaders and advisers who give the best of yourselves to students!


Nara Lee
Director of Student Leadership

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs