I love that with expanding virtual experiences and connections, we can connect more often and more easily with those near and far. But the more we are online, the harder it seems to separate worlds. For example, work-life balance—does that exist anymore when people are working from home and living at work, showing their personal spaces (including family members and pets) via video meetings and live-tweeting during streaming sports events?

In this issue, Deborah Gilboa, who works with families, young people, and organizations on mindset strategy, guides us to embrace some of the chaos of our work and life—maybe even appreciate it like a good serving of “spaghetti.” I hope you find it helpful as I did! I do love spaghetti.

The more we are online, we also know that we all (including students!) are seen and heard in ways we aren’t accustomed to. Marisa McAdams at #ICANHELP shares the ins and outs of digital citizenship with safety tips.

No one knows what 2021 will bring. But one sure thing is that the National Honor Society celebrates its centennial! We are all humbled to be part of the student leadership story with you as we begin celebrating this milestone. Hear from three NHS alums in this generation on why the values of NHS are “Still Standing Tall” 100 years later.

Until we meet in the new year, warm and safe wishes,




Nara Lee
Director, NASSP Student Leadership