Dr. Margaret Lincoln, affectionately known as “Gigi,” has proudly served as an NHS adviser for 41 years. During that time, she has earned multiple awards and recognitions for her work as an educator. Most recently, she was honored with the Special School Librarian Tribute by the Michigan State Legislature, which noted that she is the most senior employee of the Lakeview School District. In 2014, she was awarded the Margaret Grazier Award for Contribution to the Profession, for library services, by the Michigan Association for Media in Education, and the Distinguished Professional Award by the Calhoun Area School Board Members Association. She is a published author—The Stones Weep and Designing Online Learning: A Primer for Librarians— and was instrumental in bringing Holocaust survivor Gerda Klein to speak with 1,900 Michigan students.

The NHS chapter conducts several notable projects, many that have lasted 10 years or more. Read to Lead is an after-school elementary enrichment program led by the NHS members, which started in 2007. NHS members lead reading discussions, writing activities, and reading time with third and fourth graders. Members also assist with the statewide FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics by judging and assisting with setup and cleanup. The chapter’s longest running project is their NHS tutoring program. NHS members tutor students in grades 5–12, in person and online.

When asked about the value of having an NHS chapter in her school, Dr. Lincoln says, “Offering NHS membership to students provides great value to a school community by fostering a climate where scholarship, service, leadership, and character are highly regarded by all. NHS members have strengthened our school’s positive image in the community through meaningful service projects ranging from fundraising for charitable causes to ushering for the local symphony. NHS members have taken the initiative to create and sustain innovative programs such as Read to Lead, which has benefited hundreds of Lakeview Elementary students since 2007.”

Dr. Lincoln’s nomination was accompanied by strong recommendations from Matt Alley, of the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies, and Jeffrey Bohl, principal of Lakeview High. Mr. Alley says, “Due to Margret’s incredible longevity in her position, she has not only been able to impact thousands of student lives, but is responsible for defining her school’s climate and culture with impactful, experienced programming throughout her tenure. This is what separates Margret from many educators. It is not always about the day-to-day lessons, rather the ability to incorporate a holistic perspective to operational components. True educational leaders understand systematic development, group dynamics, cross-collaboration, and how to instill a sense of passion in our practice to leverage a group in a focused effort to complete our primary mission—creating a positive school culture where all students can achieve their dreams. She has been able to achieve this while enduring countless shifts in administrational leadership, legislation, and the constant change and progression of educational practice.”

Mr. Bohl praises her contributions and leadership in his school: “To say that Dr. Lincoln is an outstanding adviser and educator who has had a great impact on our school would vastly understate the case. She is the ultimate educational professional who lives for our students. The opportunities that Dr. Lincoln makes available provide our Spartan students the chance to begin a life of giving back. And she does this through developing and mentoring student leaders for NHS, who then lead the organization of their peers to do great work.”

Please visit the links above to see some of the remarkable work Dr. Lincoln and her NHS chapter have produced. She has truly made an impact on her community.

The Rynearson NHS National Adviser of the Year Award annually recognizes an outstanding NHS adviser in evidence of their service and dedication to NHS, their school, community, and most importantly, their students. NASSP is proud to recognize Dr. Lincoln for her commitment to the pillars of NHS and the development of young leaders in the Lakeview School District.