Ysmeli Rosa

Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Mathematics
New York, NY

Principal: Yecenia Cardoza-Delarosa

Ysmeli Rosa has served as the NHS adviser for Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Mathematics for three years. In that time, she has cemented herself as a valuable member of the school community and a respected leader among students and staff.

Principal Yecenia Cardoza-Delarosa spoke passionately about Rosa’s contributions to the school culture. She says, “Time and time again, Ysmeli has proven to be an instrumental—and frankly, irreplaceable—member of my team. I can always count on her to go beyond her roles and responsibilities and to serve my students and families with the utmost respect and dedication” Having known her first as a student 15 years ago, she continued, “I find myself in a unique position to testify on the student she was then, to witness the hard-working employee she is now, and to predict the kind of recognition she deserves.”

NHS alumni member and former student Alondra Martinez continues the high praise in her recommendation: “I have witnessed her tireless work on behalf of her students and school. Ms. Rosa is the founding adviser who brought the National Honor Society to our school, providing our most academically talented students with the chance to contribute back to our school community. Ms. Rosa is creative, thoughtful, passionate, honest, dependable, innovative, and an exceptional collaborator among her colleagues. She is fully deserving of this honor.”

The national office is grateful to Principal Delarosa for her support of NHS and Rosa’s role as the NHS adviser. Rosa’s commitment to education, student leadership, and her own professional development sets an excellent example for all Honor Society advisers.

It is our pleasure to select Ysmeli Rosa as this year’s NHS Adviser of the Year.