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Collaboration Space: Winter 2022

Lifeline Links Looking to involve every student in increasing suicide awareness and prevention, NatStuCo members at Mountain View High School in Mesa, AZ, organized a project aimed at fostering support and inspiration. During classroom visits, members explained how everyone could contribute to improved outlooks, and they encouraged students to write positive messages on strips of...
Advise, Advise: Volume 50 (2021-2022)

Take 10: Winter 2022

Recalibrating Community Service Volunteerism should be about more than students tracking hours to beef up a college application. To make community service more equitable and accessible, Gil Villanueva, associate vice president and dean at the University of Richmond, urges advisers to consider breaking it up into five categories:  Community mindedness Civic mindedness Academic interests Personal...
Advise, Advise: Volume 50 (2021-2022)

Recalibrating Community Service

In the wake of the pandemic and social justice movement, an ongoing conversation has surged to the forefront about whether community service is a privilege that can perpetuate inequitable volunteer opportunities. The time is ripe for college admissions officers and service advocates to recalibrate community service into true community engagement, even for students constrained by...
Advise, Advise: Volume 50 (2021-2022)
Prudential Honorees

Prudential Honorees: Being Good By Doing Good

While “kids these days” often are accused of only thinking about themselves, some middle level and high school students have proven just the opposite. In fact, this year’s recipients of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards have been recognized for seeking out ways to do good in their communities, championing a far-reaching impact. These remarkable...
Advise, Advise: Volume 48 (2019-2020)