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Take 10: Spring 2022

Never Stop Learning Although they may be stretched thin between teaching and mentoring, advisers still find the time to enhance their professional learning. In this article, three veteran advisers share three important lessons:  Allow the students to lead.Rely on a network of NHS advisers through online forums, conferences, and by building relationships with advisers in...
Advise, Advise: Volume 50 (2021-2022)

Take 10: Fall 2020

Engage Your Students Wherever They Are Phyllis Fagell, a licensed school and clinical counselor and author, suggests advisers do the following to promote mental health and wellness during these trying times: Incorporate time to talk about recent events: racial injustice, protests, COVID-19, students’ quarantine experience, isolation, and other issues. Instill hope by empowering kids to...
Advise, Advise: Volume 49 (2020-2021)
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Remote Possibilities: Fall 2020

One word seemed to describe the sentiment among advisers as the COVID-19 pandemic numbers fluctuated from state to state, the jarring school shutdowns were still recent in everyone’s memory, and the new school year approached: Uncertainty. In various ways—using technology, creativity, and the energy of their students—advisers managed to keep student leaders engaged through the...
Advise, Advise: Volume 49 (2020-2021)