Principals deserve encouragement all year long, and there is no better time to boast about your favorite principal’s prowess than during National Principals Month. Extend a bit of public gratitude to your principal on social media this October using the hashtag #ThankAPrincipal.


This year’s LEAD Conferences ( are right around the corner. Plan to attend the upcoming conferences in Denver; Washington, D.C.; or Chicago. Use #LEADCO, #LEADDC, and #LEADIL to share your LEAD Conference adventures.

Staying organized early on in the school year is important. Share your own foolproof notecard organization skills with your students for a hassle-free school year.

Display this big idea in your school’s hallway to advertise homecoming week. Add a unique hashtag next to each day of the week to promote activities on social media.

September 8 is International Literacy Day. Have your students write out a dream they had in the past, or their visions for the future. Title the student submissions “Dreamworks” and use them for an activity later. Find other creative initiatives to get everyone reading and writing at

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