When planning your many activities this year, it is our hope that you are incorporating efforts related to the NASSP Student Programs National Initiative, Global Citizenship. The five strands associated with our national initiative—awareness and perspective, civic engagement, empathetic actions/personal wellness, equity, and positive social change—encourage students to have an impact beyond their immediate community, extending their influence across the nation and the world.

The fall offers so many opportunities for hosting activities aligned with the strands. In the previous issue of Advise, we mentioned ideas for civic engagement focused on upcoming elections, school board selection, and district referendums. For October and November, some additional possibilities include sponsoring a No Name-Calling Day, recognizing veterans in your community, and hosting food or clothing drives to assist those in need.

As you complete these unique activities linked to the national initiative, be sure to share your efforts in the National Student Project Database, found on the NHS, NJHS, and NASC websites. Tell us about your program, its impact, and the attitudes and perspectives you are changing as a result. Your input helps us document all the great work that student councils and chapters of the National Honor Societies are doing!

Join us in making a national impact by participating in the global citizenship national initiative. The time is now to begin making positive change in your school and community.

Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs