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Use this key for help determining whether these projects could work for your school:

M – middle school   H- High school   S- small schools   L- large schools

Java Cram

Java Cram—an event run by the student council at Prairie View High School in Henderson, CO—provided students with all the resources they needed to succeed for winter semester finals, such as student tutors and teachers. Tutors were available for all school subjects the week preceding finals. As an added draw, the event featured donated coffee, hot chocolate, and pastries. H S

AIDS Awareness

December is AIDS Awareness Month. Students at Sunrise Middle School in Clackamas, OR, put together a multilayered project to raise awareness and make a difference. Students researched the epidemic, especially as it affects African countries, and created information packets for teachers to distribute to students. In addition, students wrote letters to their congressional representatives to encourage them to support funding for the cause. Students also raised money to purchase livestock for African villages affected by the disease through Heifer International ( A highlight of the project and a key fundraising element was a Fun Run held during PE classes. Students were asked to bring at least $1 to participate and receive a raffle ticket. Ticket holders were asked to guess the weight of a real live heifer that was outside the school the next day during lunch, and those who came closest won prizes such as “Mooovie” tickets, Milk Duds, and “Mooosic” gift cards. M H S L

Deck the Halls with Discounts

‘Tis the season to be shopping! The Canyon Springs High School student council in Las Vegas, NV, took advantage of the holiday season by holding a discount card fundraiser. The discounts consisted of half-off and buy one, get one free offers for many popular retailers and restaurants. Council members sold the cards for $15, and with each one sold, the student council was able to keep $10. The buyers were pleased with their savings, and the student council turned a great profit to fund a trip to Disney. It was a win-win!  M H S L

Homeless for a Night

Did you know that the first day of winter is also National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day? Here’s a great idea to raise awareness. Forty members of the Attleboro High School student council in Attleboro, MA, tried to stay warm one December night while standing outside to collect clothing donations from generous community members. Students also held posters made of cardboard with facts and statistics about the homeless. When the event was complete, the group donated more than 20 bags of clothing to the Salvation Army.

Holiday Cards for Heroes

This time of year there is a lot of emphasis on family and togetherness, and unfortunately, not everyone can come home for the holidays. That’s where this project comes in. Students at Charles Silvestri Junior High School in Las Vegas, NV, decided to make holiday cards for those serving in the military overseas to show appreciation for all they do for this country and to make them feel special. Roughly 260 cards were collected from homerooms and sent out. It was a small gesture that made a big impact.  M H S L

Welcome Back Week

Pompano Beach High School in Pompano Beach, FL, planned a “Welcome Back” Spirit Week for the week following winter break. The Spirit Week consisted of the following days: Monday—Neon Day; Tuesday—Tacky Tourist; Wednesday—Disney Day; and Thursday—Class Colors. In addition to games held during lunch periods where each class could earn points to be tallied at the end of the school year, students were treated to shortened class periods and a pep rally at the end of the week. H S L

A Penny for Your Thoughts

National Compliment Day is January 29, and Mililani High School in Mililani, HI, marked the event by inviting a special guest speaker to spread the message of “Aloha” and kindness. He shared that if you see a penny, you should share a compliment. Pennies were spread throughout the campus after the assembly to propel the event. In addition, banners were placed throughout the school with hearts taped to them. The hearts had compliments that students could remove and keep for themselves or give to another they felt deserving of the message. Students and teachers received many compliments throughout the day and remarked on how positive and uplifting the experience was.  M H S L

School Board Appreciation

January is School Board Recognition Month. Students at Wink High School in Wink, TX, got creative and bought each school board member a Tervis tumbler (an insulated drink cup) and filled the bottom with small pieces of candy. Then they placed individual packets of tea and tied it all together with a note that read, “Thanks for being a ‘tea’riffic board member!” These gifts were presented at the monthly school board meeting. M H S L

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