Most people welcome the opportunity to be part of a community. It’s typically a source of comfort, camaraderie, and shared experiences.

Moreover, the experience of the Honor Society adviser is quite unique. In fact, no one understands the challenges—and victories—you encounter as an Honor Society adviser better than your peers.

The new NHS/NJHS Adviser Online Community provides an opportunity for you to connect with those who can best relate to your experiences. Visit this moderated community so you can query, collaborate, and get feedback. Simply put, consider it your own hub to ask questions and get answers.

To acquaint you with this new digital companion, we’d like to walk you through some basics as well as some community do’s and don’ts.

Getting There

To enter the community, log in to the NHS or NJHS Adviser Resource Center ( or and click on the “Collaborate with Peers” pane. You can also access the community directly at (If you need help with your login credentials, contact [email protected].)

Observing Good Netiquette

As you prepare to be part of the community, keep the following in mind: As with any community, there are guidelines to ensure the experience is enjoyable, beneficial, and productive for all users. The guidelines are based on common sense, as well as basic courtesy and respect.

An engaged community will help to make the experience as useful as possible for all participants. So, be prepared to contribute-in the form of a question or response-and not just lurk. In fact, as the community evolves, there will be digital badges to designate various levels of participation. Aim to become a power user.


  • Post with purpose—to inspire, enable, or share with fellow users.
  • Respect that other people have different points of view and experiences.
  • Welcome newcomers and encourage their participation.
  • Give feedback in a helpful, constructive manner.
  • Lead by example by adding content you think will be useful.
  • Report problems or use the flag function to alert community leaders about abuse.
  • Use common sense when seeking advice, especially regarding health, safety, or legal matters.
  • Be safe and smart when sharing personal information.


  • Post content that is derogatory or discriminatory. Rich debate is desirable, but postings must not be offensive, humiliating, or intimidating.
  • Create content that would be considered “adult” in nature.
  • Defame, harass, or hold grudges. You’ll be able to better participate if you don’t have a chip on your shoulder.
  • Post personal details or private information about yourself, your students, or others.
  • Advertise commercial products or services. Commercial solicitation is prohibited.
  • Use foul language. While there won’t be a virtual swear jar, keep your discussions and vocabulary in good taste, and consider others in the community.
  • Post using all capital letters. It’s the virtual equivalent of shouting.

The National Association of Secondary School Principals, parent organization of NHS and NJHS, reserves the right to reject content from any user.

The community will be open all year long, so jump on now and throughout the coming summer months to engage with fellow advisers. Enjoy the journey as you blaze a new digital trail.