Over the summer, our team reviewed data from the NASSP Student Leadership Initiative on Global Citizenship, as well as data from annual surveys and awards programs that documented the tremendous impact your efforts had on communities around the world. Let’s be sure to keep the momentum going! Visit www.makingglobalchange.org for further details.

We are so excited for another academic year-one filled with new opportunities, resources, and experiences that will enhance your chapter or council. Here are a few we would like to spotlight:

Consider serving on the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee. We are looking for advisers from NHS, NJHS, and National Student Council to help ensure that our programs and efforts are reflective of the needs of our members. Application information will be shared in our e-newsletters soon.

Attend a student leadership conference with your students. Plans are already in place for a wonderful conference season, including LEAD Conferences, the 2018 National Student Council Conference, and NHS/NJHS State Summits. We would love to see you there. Begin succession planning and goal setting for your next group of student leaders. What might you do this fall to build leadership and near-peer support for the longevity and continued success of your chapter/council? Thanks again for your support and service to students, communities, and NASSP’s student programs.

Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs