For a fun escape from the classroom, check out and enjoy a quick flick. Filminute is an international film festival that happens every October. Leading up to the festival, tons of one-minute films are posted online-each shorter than a pop song. Filminute has all of the previous winners on its website, dating back to the festival’s inception in 2006. They might only be 60 seconds in length, but each film still manages to present a compelling story. Some have big budgets, others get by with no more than a handheld camera and a lone character in the woods. Lights, camera, action!

Do Nothing

It might seem like a simple task, but after your first three cups of coffee in the morning, you might find that doing nothing for two minutes is a lot more difficult than you anticipate. Visit to take the challenge. This clever site displays a countdown (with two minutes on the clock) in front of a calming ocean-view background. Let the soothing sounds of seagulls and breaking waves chill your mood. Be aware, though, as the site makes perfectly clear, “Just relax and listen to the waves. Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard.” If you do, you’ll have to try doing nothing for two minutes over and over until you succeed.

Plan a Vacation

Sometimes just the thought of a delightful reprieve from the daily grind is enough to calm one’s nerves. Don’t just daydream about a vacation-set aside 10 minutes of your day to plan out your next getaway! Use the following guide to planning your next vacation over a series of days, and you’ll find yourself soaking up the sun or taking in the fresh mountain air in no time.

  • Decide where to go.
  • Choose the top three things you want to do once you’re there.
  • Decide on the length of time needed to do those things, and narrow down the days that would work with your schedule.
  • Research costs and plan a budget. Consider ways you might be able to save up for the trip before leaving.
  • Check for last-minute deals.
  • Make plans—call hotels, make reservations, lock down pet sitters and babysitters, acquire necessary travel ID, and book flights. Also be sure to call your credit card companies to alert them that you will be traveling.

Document Your Accomplishments

It’s easy for busy professionals to get lost in schedules and checking off tasks, all the while blowing past accomplishments without taking a moment to enjoy them. What about allowing your accomplishments to not only relax you, but to work for you? Annotate your professional accomplishments—academic, charitable, and career-related—on LinkedIn. Start an online portfolio on to keep a digital scrapbook of easily updateable and shareable milestones. If apps are your thing, try using WorkSmart, which allows you to note accomplishments on your phone, set goals, and send status reports to friends and family whom you ask to hold you accountable.