Your role as a student council adviser is unique, and when you have a question related to your responsibilities, it’s not always easy to find the answer you are looking for.

These days, we typically turn to the internet for everything-but you can’t necessarily Google a solution to your adviser questions or challenges. Now, however, you can turn to your new Adviser Online Community, created exclusively for National Student Council advisers!

Have you joined yet? Visit, enter the same username and password as you do to log in to the website, and start exploring. (If you need help logging in, email [email protected].) This moderated community allows you to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, and make connections with your fellow advisers. You can also access the community through the website,

How to Join the Community

Start by taking the Welcome Tour to get acquainted with the site, complete your profile, and-if you wish-upload a photo of yourself. Then, dive in and either start or join a conversation. You’ll find options especially suited to student council advisers so you can discuss those idiosyncratic matters that only your peer advisers will understand. Discover recent and popular discussions by navigating the “Discuss” tab. Use the search feature to find conversations on topics of interest. Discussions and topics will grow as more and more advisers join the community.

Here are some of the discussion threads you might discover in the community:

“How do I keep members energized in the middle of winter when they seem to be slumping?”

“We have a new principal. What can we do to foster a good relationship with her?”

“Does anyone have good officer candidate and representative rules that cover social media?”

Through the community, you’ll also be able to share resources like your constitution, bylaws, or campaign rules; connect with and message fellow advisers and the national office; and keep abreast of news and events related to National Student Council programs and services.

Once you’ve joined, be sure to check in at least once a week or more frequently if you’re engaged in a discussion thread.

Get Social with Us

While this community represents a great way to share and learn, social media is also an important tool to stay-in-the-know and engage with National Student Council and councils worldwide. It’s also a great way for your student leaders to connect with us.

National Student Council has new social media handles. Make note yourself, share these with your council members, and encourage them to follow us:

For tips on how to see our posts, read the item in Morning Announcements.

Remember, we also have a new web address, so please update your bookmarks. Find us at

As National Student Council launches new programs and services this academic year, you will see the theme “Better Together” often. This community and our social media platforms are among the many ways we prove this commitment. National Student Council and you are better together so we all can support each other in building positive culture and climate through your student council’s leadership. We look forward to supporting you and your student leaders!