FOMO—you know, the fear of missing out. Have you ever experienced it? Well, you might once we walk you through all the opportunities you’re missing if you haven’t logged in to NatStuCo’s greatly enhanced online Adviser Resource Center (ARC).

To get you more deeply acquainted with the time-saving and knowledge-building options we’ve designed to centralize and simplify your tasks as an adviser, here’s a peek at what you will find “behind the curtain” when you visit

New Advisers. Need guidance in building a constitution for your council? You’ll find help here. Plus, you can check out our Adviser’s Checklist of Essential Skills and a step-by-step action guide for starting a new council. Even seasoned advisers may wish to visit these pages for hints on ways to freshen up their practices.

Council Operations. Meetings … officers … budgets—all of these operational details can make or break your council. Browse this section to discover gems such as an outline for running a meeting using parliamentary procedure, sample meeting minutes, budget basics and best practices, and job descriptions for your officers. And, should you ever be faced with a situation requiring disciplinary action of a member, this section offers guidance to ensure you are applying measures in a fair and consistent manner.

Elections and Selections. A student council election is one of the most visible demonstrations of governance and student voice in action! This section offers valuable content on preparing candidates for campaigning, voting and balloting considerations, and guidance on officer installation ceremonies.

Publicize Your Council Activities. Share good news! This section provides tips to help you promote your council’s accomplishments through local media. You’ll also learn best practices for leveraging social media to engage students and target the press, plus find sample press releases here.

Conferences and Events. To make your online experience a one-stop shop, we’ve included all the details you’ll need on the ever-popular Leadership Experience and Development (LEAD) Conferences and the National Student Council Conference—you don’t even have to leave the ARC! Glean all the necessary details here.

Plan Projects and Activities. Projects often become the heart and soul of a council. Kick-start the process via direct log-in access to the more streamlined National Student Project Database. Today, the database boasts in excess of 6,000 entries, so you’ll be able to more easily filter and sort projects to identify the perfect idea for your council to implement. There’s also advice on fundraising best practices.

Online Learning. Here, discover your gateway to the Career Exploration Series, videos showcasing young professionals ready to share their stories and preparing your leaders for post-graduate life.

Publications. Because we want your Resource Center to be a comprehensive tool, this section gives you access to current and archived editions of Advise magazine and NatStuCo E-Bulletin. These publications are your way to stay up to date on NatStuCo activities and events.

NatStuCo Handbook. Get the soon-to-be-published, all-new NatStuCo Handbook here and use it to help your council operate at peak efficiency. It’s a great tool for those who want a more detailed plunge into the many facets of student council operations.

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