NHS students at Willow Bend Academy in Plano, TX, are promoting #MakingGlobalChange by holding a paper recycling contest. To make it fun, they pitted two bins against each other in a match-up of Netflix vs. YouTube so that students and teachers felt more incentivized to recycle their used paper properly. Passersby could place a “vote” or two for their favorite video-streaming platform by depositing their paper in their preferred bin. Change the recycling rivalry to two bins you think your school will get excited about, or come up with your own idea to promote global change. Be sure to share the results on Instagram using #MakingGlobalChange!

Your students deserve every opportunity to pursue their dreams of higher education and lifelong success. NHS and NJHS are committed to providing those paths through #Futuready tools. Check out the #Futuready pages on the NHS and NJHS websites, featuring videos and visual guides to help students hone the soft skills imperative for future success. Follow #Futuready on social media and share your success with integrating these tools into your class or chapter activities.

This latest season of giving was a success for many schools and student councils all over the world. Check out the National Student Project Database at nhs.us/projects, njhs.us/projects, and NatStuCo.org/projects for all of the newest fundraising ideas and philanthropic projects that you and your school can put into action this year, or scope out ideas for future needs.

To exercise #NASSPStudentVoice and be models for #StudentsWhoLead, the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee headed to Capitol Hill in late January. While meeting with policymakers and legislators, they advocated for continued funding for education programs. 

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