The 2018–19 school year has just begun, but it’s never too soon to start planning your applications to National Student Council signature programs and awards recognitions that take place throughout the year. As an adviser, you guide your students into becoming hardworking, devoted leaders—and you all deserve to be recognized for your outstanding achievements that continue to raise the bar for student councils across the country.

You’ve worked hard to uphold the reputation of excellence for your student council in your community, and it’s time for you to be rewarded. Learn more at

Distinguished Student Leader Program

NatStuCo’s Distinguished Student Leader Program was created specifically for high school students who desire to take their leadership to the next level. Plus, the Distinguished Student Leader designation will help when college application season rolls around. The curriculum can be completed during the school year; applications and completed portfolios will be accepted throughout the 2018–19 school year. The demonstration-based curriculum focuses on building leadership knowledge and improving leadership skills.

National Council of Excellence Awards

If your student council continues to provide quality service and functional leadership to both its school and the community at large, the National Council of Excellence awards are a great way to receive national recognition. Designed for middle level and high school student councils, the program is divided into two levels: the National Council of Excellence award for councils that have met the NatStuCo requirements, and the National Gold Council of Excellence for councils that have gone above and beyond to demonstrate the highest levels of leadership and meet additional requirements set by NatStuCo. Applications are accepted from September through mid-February.

Warren E. Shull Adviser of the Year Award

If you have shown unmatched excellence in character, leadership training, and dedication to students, you deserve to have the Warren E. Shull Award hanging on your wall. Advisers are recognized at the state, regional, and national levels. The two winning advisers—one middle level and one high school adviser—are presented with specially designed awards during the National Student Council Conference in June. Nominations are now being accepted.

Kyker State Association Service Project Award

Open to all state student council and National Honor Society associations, this award recognizes the outstanding efforts of a state association for organizing and hosting a statewide service project thanks to the exceptional achievements of its members. Applications open February 2019.