Stay “Above the Line”

This important concept is about being aware of your thinking and overall outlook. Staying positive, focusing on what’s important, and avoiding temptations to fall into negative thinking and behaviors can have a big impact on both your own productivity and that of your chapters and councils. Start the school year off right by living above the line and encouraging your students to do the same.

Always Be Learning

Bill Battaglia, director of student activities at Bidwell Junior High School in Chico, CA, shared some of what he has learned in his 20 years of advising. Whether you are a brand-new adviser or a veteran leader, consider these tips: Recognize what you do not know, use the resources at your disposal (such as those on the NHS, NJHS, and NatStuCo websites), and seek the advice of your peers. Remember that students will support what they help create, so always ask questions and allow students to share their ideas.

Help Student Goals Stick

To instill effective goal-setting habits in your students, take the following steps:

  • Focus on developing positive habits.
  • Practice purposefully.
  • Create a collaborative environment.
  • Revisit, revise, and retry.
  • Create visible artifacts and daily reminders.
  • Model and share your own goals.
  • Celebrate the process.

And the Winner Is…

YOU (or a member of your chapter or council, if you apply for one of the many upcoming award opportunities)! Consider applying for these:

  • Distinguished Student Leader Program
  • National Council of Excellence
  • Warren E. Shull Adviser of the Year
  • Kyker State Association Service Project
  • Outstanding Service Project
  • NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Rynearson National Adviser of the Year

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