In order for your student council to meet the needs of their school community, advisers need to be equipped with the tools that will enable them to best serve their students. Whether you’re new to the role or returning, the national office has an array of resources that will empower you as you strengthen your student council and guide your students to find their voice.

Adviser Resource Center

The Adviser Resource Center ( serves as your road map for effective council operations. If this is your first year, be sure to explore the “New Advisers” section, which has checklists, timelines for new student councils, a survival guide for new advisers, and more. As the school year gets underway, one of the most important tasks for your student council will be planning projects and activities, such as service projects, spirit activities, fundraising, or special events. The Adviser Resource Center provides tips on getting started, the 12 W’s of project planning, the National Student Project Database for brainstorming ideas, plus additional resources. Then, publicize your council’s activities by using tips on how to tap into local media and leveraging social media to celebrate your council’s accomplishments! The Adviser Resource Center is also home to the Career Exploration Series, where former student council members share their career path and how student council, high school, and college prepared them for postgraduate life. These videos are an excellent starting point to guide discussions with your students about their career goals.

Adviser Online Community

The Adviser Online Community ( provides access to a network of fellow advisers from far and wide, enabling you to connect with peers on everything from sharing best practices to seeking solutions for your questions and challenges. Be sure to check out “Managing Your Council”—whether you’re a new or returning adviser—to get advice or share insights. This is a great place to find discussions or start conversations about day-to-day council activities and how other councils handle officer elections, coordinate events, and more. In “Engaging Your Leaders,” advisers can discuss how they encourage student voice in their school community, from team-building activities to organizing events.


One way to promote student voice at your school is with the Raising Student Voice & Participation (RSVP) program, which provides students with the opportunity to share suggestions, ideas, and opinions—and then take that collective voice to effect real change in their schools and communities. RSVP guides students through a series of three schoolwide summits that allow them to share their observations of school or community issues, offer recommendations for improvement, and build a framework to put those recommendations into action. The program creates a foundation for student engagement and follow-through that allows students to see how their opinions can be heard and how real change can be implemented. Learn more at

Through these resources and programs, new and veteran advisers will find everything they need to provide their students with leadership opportunities and the chance to cultivate student voice. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Customer Care Center at [email protected] or 800-253-7746. We’re excited to see what your student council will accomplish!