Raising Student Voice & Participation (RSVP) is NatStuCo’s signature program to help activate student voice in schools. Through a series of trainings and summits, student leaders can take the lead to engage their entire school, as well as faculty and staff, to improve school culture.


Promoting and nurturing a culture of authentic schoolwide student voice is more than hosting surveys, casual inquiries, or lunchtime chats with small groups. It requires reaching out in a holistic way with purpose to engage all students in dialogue within school environments where all students feel their opinions are respected. Student voice and participation must begin and continue with student-led and student-focused conversations. RSVP gives student leaders a structure they can use to engage their peers in rich discussion and respectfully voice their likes, concerns, and opinions, and genuinely listen to each other.

Student voice is about more than just saying what’s on your mind or complaining about an issue. Using the RSVP methodology and student voice philosophy, students are challenged to move from expressing their opinions to suggesting realistic solutions and formulating doable action plans for change. The RSVP process empowers students to take responsibility for becoming change agents, to volunteer, and to bring about the positive differences they envision.

Virtual RSVP Now Available!

Given the pandemic, student voice and engagement are more important than ever to schools across the country.

On November 9, 2021, Jeff Sherrill (Lead Community Engagement at NASSP Student Leadership) facilitated a webinar panel of student advisers and leadership experts on RSVP, and how it can impact a school. If you missed the live discussion, advisers and school leaders can view it on demand at bit.ly/3lci36Q.

If your school is interested in getting started with RSVP through virtual trainings and support, reach out to [email protected] this winter. —

For the RSVP Implementation Guide and other materials, visit the NatStuCo store: bit.ly/3w5oEUE.