One of the hardest things is to know when to really go for something versus letting it go. I remember I went back and forth when faced with a decision to pursue my master’s degree in education. What was holding me back? Complacency? Uncertainty of something new? What excited me was the chance to take courses in my area of work and meet other educators. More than a decade later, I’m so glad I went for it.

In our cover feature, “Never Stop Learning,” advisers share what professional development and growth look like for them. And that it doesn’t always mean going for a full certificate or degree program. I love the examples they share and how they and other advisers keep on learning and growing. 

One great example of a time to let go is when you’re cultivating emerging leaders. In “Losing Control,” veteran NJHS adviser Amy Krueger shares what everyone gains—students and school leaders alike—when advisers hand over the reins to students, even younger ones in middle school. Also, a heartfelt congratulations to Amy as she steps down from the adviser role this year after a decade. Thank you, Amy, for leading and encouraging hundreds and hundreds of student leaders!

Finally, our student feature on NHS alum and NHS Scholarship recipient Jeremhy Cesar demonstrates the value of holding on, even after high school graduation. He still volunteers with the same local community center he did from his NHS days when he attended Lanier High School in Clarkston, GA. As a full-time undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, he remains committed to his passion for service and supports refugees and their families at the center. 

Thank you to all advisers for holding on to your role, your leadership, and your student leaders this school year. 

Yours in Leadership,

Nara Lee

Director, NASSP Student Leadership