Student Leadership Network

NASSP, the parent organization of NHS and NatStuCo, has launched its first-ever NHS Student Leadership Network focused on mental health and wellness. Led entirely by student leaders, this nationwide network has spent the first few meetings engaging students across the country who are committed to improving mental health for students in school settings. The network holds meetings virtually and will offer in-person engagement opportunities in the near future. Know an NHS student who would be a great addition to this network? Have them visit to sign up and learn more. Ideas for the network—even creating new ones—are welcome! Just send an email to [email protected]. 

National Student Project Database

The National Student Project Database now houses over 11,000 project ideas and summaries submitted by chapters and councils! This is a great resource for spring planning for middle and high school student leaders to roll up their sleeves and get involved in their community. The database is also a great place to share your student leaders’ creative project ideas to serve their schools and communities. Search for or submit a project with your student leaders this spring at,, and 

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30 Year-End Reports due