As a busy adviser your time is especially valuable, so we’ve rounded up tips and resources just for you that only take 10 minutes or less

Type to Relax

Suffering from writer’s block? Bring up that news article or guilty-pleasure read that you’ve been meaning to get to and type out the words in a blank document on your computer. You’ll find that the motion of typing without the burden of thinking about what to write will make typing up things like meeting agendas, event announcements, and even emails that much easier.

Catch Up on Your Work in a Fictional Soundscape

Grab a pair of headphones, take a break from your sometimes stressful role as an adviser, and immerse yourself in the relaxing sounds of a fictional getaway for 10 minutes. Below are just a few of many websites and apps that allow you to find a variety of fictional halls, rooms, train stations, and more from your favorite fictional worlds, as well as sites and apps that’ll take you straight to a local coffee shop or sandy beach, without ever leaving your seat.

Soothe Your Soul Through the Power of Music

Ask your school’s music teacher if there’s a time when you can utilize the music room for 10 minutes. Sitting down at a piano might be just the thing to settle you down. Maybe you’d rather stay productive while you unwind and would benefit from learning how to play a new instrument. It’s never too late to learn how to read and play music. Many studies have proven that learning to play an instrument exercises the brain, in addition to providing a slew of other worthwhile benefits.

Write It Out on National Poetry Day

Set aside 10 minutes on National Poetry Day (October 6) to write a poem or two. It’s a great way to hone your language and communication skills, create something beautiful, and kick back at the same time. Below are some writing prompts to get you started:

  • Write a poem about the last thing you saw before reading this.
  • Write a 10-syllable poem with a much longer title.
  • Look up a bizarre fact and incorporate the fact into one line of the poem.
  • Write a poem about starting something.
  • Write a poem about a mistake you’ve never made.