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Use this key for help determining whether these projects could work for your school:

M – middle school   H- High school   S- small schools   L- large schools

Custodial Staff Luncheon

The end of the school year is a great time to recognize those school staff members that may often get overlooked. The student council at Lancaster High School in Lancaster, NY, hosts an annual Custodian/Cleaner Staff Luncheon each June. Attendees are treated to an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, and each also receives a small gift in recognition of his or her service. M H S L

Beautify Your School

Use those service hours to better your school over the summer. The student council at North High School in Sioux City, IA, decided to meet with the administration to determine suitable student projects to better the school, such as painting the softball field concession stand and assembling desks for the coming school year. These projects were a great way for new members to interact and were clearly beneficial to the school and community. M H S L

Passing the Gavel

At the end of the school year, the St. Mary Parish School student council in Menomonee Falls, WI, holds an award ceremony for graduating eighth graders. As part of the ceremony, the student council president symbolically passes the gavel to the current vice president. The past president and new president then hand out different certificates and plaques to participating members to recognize their varying levels of service throughout the year. M S

Alumni Tent

Now is the time to start planning for homecoming events. The NHS chapter at Pinconning High School in Pinconning, MI, set up a tent where school alumni could sign in and enjoy cider and cookies. The sign-in lists are then posted in the local newspaper, giving the returning grads a chance to see who from their class came to the game, as well as to announce class reunions and more. Their NHS chapter has received many positive comments about this service. H S L

Career Day

This time of year, many students begin to think about the course of their futures. The NHS chapter at Clements High School in Sugar Land, TX, sponsored a career day where juniors and seniors interested in a particular field of study were allowed to leave class and attend presentations made by professionals in that field. NHS members contacted those professionals, prepared the presentation schedules, hosted a breakfast for the speakers, and escorted them to their rooms in the school. H S L

KC Jam

Karaoke and Coffee (KC) Jam is a fundraiser sponsored by the Mankato West High School NHS chapter in Mankato, MN. The chapter partners with a local coffeehouse, which donates a percentage of the revenue made on refreshments purchased. A karaoke machine is set up for entertainment. H S L

Meet Your Leader

“Meet Your Leader” is an essay and poster project the McMinnville High School student council in McMinnville, OR, designed to help newly elected student council leaders define their personal goals and vision for the class. The project is a summer homework assignment due at the beginning of the new school year. Students share their poster and essay with the class and both are displayed throughout the school. M H S L

Little Free Libraries

The NJHS chapter at Grace Christian School in Cypress, CA, partnered with the Los Angeles Police Department to open a Little Free Library in the lobby of each police station. These little libraries are meant to give children in downtown LA a safe place to read and share books. The concept is simple: Take a book, leave a book. No due dates, late fees, or library cards required. The school donated almost 2,000 books for children in grades K–8. M L

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