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M – middle school   H- High school   S- small schools   L- large schools

Popcorn Day

Did you know October is National Popcorn Month? Birdville High School’s student council in North Richland Hills, TX, took advantage of the occasion by treating the student body to free popcorn during all lunch periods. They worked five popcorn machines, distributed the goods, and helped the janitorial staff clean up after the event. M H S L

Bring a Veteran to School Day

Chula Vista High School in Chula Vista, CA, worked with local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Posts and the USS Midway Veterans Association to obtain commitments from approximately 75 veterans to come to the school and visit social sciences classrooms to share their personal experiences. Afterward, an assembly was held that included a tribute performance from the school’s show choir and featured speakers such as the local senator, the mayor, the school superintendent, and high-ranking VFW officers. Veterans Day is November 11! M H S L

Chain  of Love

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Andrews High School in Andrews, TX, planned an activity called “Chain of Love” to support this cause. Student council members sold paper chain links and buyers wrote the name of someone they wanted to honor on them. The links were put together, and a breast cancer survivor broke the chain during halftime at a school football game. All of the money raised from link purchases was donated in the name of the person written on the link that was broken. M H S L

Discourage Bullying with Lip Dubs

Lake City High School in Coeur d’Alene, ID, shot a video of students performing a skit and included clips that featured students being bullied. Then, they added shots of students lip-syncing to uplifting and positive songs such as “Firework” by Katy Perry and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The project was aimed at elementary school children and when the video was shared with them, the reception was phenomenal! Watch the video here: M H S L

Candy Elections

To help students at Fairbanks Middle School in Milford Center, OH, understand what campaigning is all about, NJHS members held candy elections. After a pre-election vote to narrow the pool to five candies, NJHS members were divided into five groups that campaigned for the candy they represented. During campaign week, each candy group was allowed one morning announcement plus the opportunity to hang posters, give out candy samples, etc., while demonstrating both positive and negative campaigning. In order to win the election, a group had to have the best positive change from the pre-election vote to the actual vote held at the end of November. Tip: Let students get creative! Hanging locker decorations, using window paint and sidewalk chalk, wearing costumes, creating campaign T-shirts, stickers, and flyers are all great ways to get the message out there. M S L

Leaf Raking for the Elderly

Westborough High School in Westborough, MA, helped the local elderly community by holding two leaf-raking events during the fall season. Students met at 8:00 a.m. at the school, then split into groups that visited different homes throughout the town. Students raked until about 1:00 p.m., and when the job was done, the elderly residents almost always came out to thank and hug the participants. It was a heart-warming experience for all involved. M H S L

Movember Mustache Competition

The Movember Foundation is an organization that raises money for prostate and testicular cancer during the month of November by encouraging people to grow out their mustaches and facial hair to raise public awareness of the illnesses. Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, KY, sponsored a schoolwide mustache contest. Male students and staff were encouraged to grow their mustaches all month long, and at the end of November, photos of the best ones were displayed for students to select their favorite. Students voted using their spare change, and all proceeds were donated to the cause. H S L

American Education Week Teacher Choice Luncheon

American Education Week is November 16—20, 2015. Arbor View High School in Las Vegas, NV, honored its staff by having each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) provide a gift for the teachers and staff. In addition, teachers were given the opportunity to vote on their choice of food for a special luncheon held at the end of the school week. Tip: Visit a local business and explain your plan. Chances are they will be happy to create an affordable and delicious meal to show appreciation for your teachers. M H S L

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