As you enter the spring months, we encourage you to consider opportunities to cultivate future leadership among your potential officers and members who will continue the charge: “Making a World of Difference.”

We would like to offer three strategies for succession planning: First, ask your current officers to host informational presentations, write and share articles or blog posts, or hold general outreach and recruitment events to communicate the charge of the NASSP Student Leadership Initiative on global citizenship. These are also opportunities to share information about what is planned or things that have already been achieved. Second, conduct virtual, in-person, or anonymous town hall events where members of your student body can offer ideas, highlight specific needs, and possibly volunteer for your forthcoming programming. You may also wish to consider implementing NASC’s Raising Student Voice & Participation program ( These two strategies magnify student voice, while also connecting students who are not currently engaged to an idea or a cause. Third, as students express their interest in leadership roles in your chapters and councils, you may ask that they respond to the question: “What will you do to ensure that your leadership in this chapter/council promotes the idea Making a World of Difference?”

We are excited to learn from you. See all the ambitious efforts underway and get inspired by visiting Be sure to share your experiences via social media using #MakingGlobalChange.

Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs