As a busy adviser your time is especially valuable, so we’ve rounded up tips and resources just for you that only take 10 minutes or less

10 Weeks, 10 Minutes

On average, summer break spans about 10 weeks for schools in the United States. If you take 10 minutes each week to organize and plan for the next school year, that’s 100 minutes of planning you won’t have to cram into the last week of your vacation. (Bonus: Getting ahead of the back-to-school rush for supplies means you get first dibs!)

The Family that Meal Preps Together…

Sometimes summer can be just as busy as the school year, with vacations, summer camps, and work responsibilities infringing on family time. But studies show that eating together as a family promotes a healthier body image for you, and can help kids make smarter food choices. Ask your family to spend 10 minutes each week choosing their must-have meals. This is a great opportunity to get older kids to take the lead in the kitchen and to give adults a break from meal prep this summer!

You Deserve This

Vacations are for relaxing, and even if you’re working over the summer in any capacity, there should still be room for some quality “you” time. Establish a space in your home (or outside!) that is a restricted space—no spouse, no kids, no pets—and fill it with items and images that relax you. When you visit that space, let your family know you are setting a timer for 10 minutes, and they shouldn’t disturb you until the timer goes off.

Pool and a Travel Podcast

Planning your summer vacation? Let your imagination run wild with the “Travel in 10” podcast. Each 10-minute episode briefly discusses where to find the best food, where to stay, and where to explore like the locals for various destinations. Previous episodes have explored places like Tokyo; Vancouver, Canada; or Africa on a safari. Check it out at