As a busy adviser your time is especially valuable, so we’ve rounded up tips and resources just for you that only take 10 minutes or less

Make It a Social (Media) Event

Get your team interacting on social media to promote your event-before, during, and after. Live tweeting during an event can be a big promotional tool if you organize your group in the right way, and it won’t take much time since students will be on their mobile devices at the game, the dance, or the special event anyway. Spread the word by promoting an event or group hashtag a few weeks before the event. Make it easy to remember and trendable; the more people who use it, the bigger reach your event has. n Encourage interactivity! Responding to comments and questions throughout the event (using the event hashtag each time) just adds to the promotion. People love getting mention notifications.

Granmaw Faith Sun! (Fun With Anagrams!)

For a light-hearted brainteaser at the end or beginning of a meeting, create anagrams with a theme—maybe at your last meeting before winter break. Split your group up into teams, and allow five minutes for the teams to figure out the anagrams (hint: they can be seasonal or holiday-related). The first team to finish wins a themed prize. Or, consider implementing this activity to introduce your next event. The first team to figure out what the event is would be given the prize of being the head of the event-planning team.


As a way to decompress from a busy day or week, spend the last ten minutes writing about something you accomplished. Your accomplishments can range from small to incredible—you remembered to eat breakfast or the event you helped plan was a success. Taking the time to appreciate personal achievements makes the speed bumps a little more manageable. While you’re planning out your to-do list for the next day, consider adding an accomplishments list to reflect on your progress, big and small.

Say Thanks

It’s always great to hear “thank you,” and students or colleagues can always use a little extra encouragement. If you witnessed a random act of kindness or saw someone truly go above and beyond, take the time to send that person a thank-you note. Even if the act didn’t directly affect you, acknowledging good deeds can leave a big positive impression. Keep the momentum moving past the season of giving thanks, and it could even boost school morale!