As a student council adviser, you are constantly looking for the best ways to instill critical values in your students. From fostering a zeal for service, to helping them use their voice, you want students to emerge from your council as leaders ready to take on the world. But how do you find the time and resources to make your council and students a success? That’s where National Student Council (NatStuCo) comes in.

Among the latest resources now available to help you in this endeavor are an enhanced Adviser Resource Center and increased functionality of the National Student Project Database.

Browsing the Adviser Resource Center

The refreshed Adviser Resource Center is packed with comprehensive documents, information, and tips to guide you through any project or challenge. This particularly exciting feature originated through feedback received by NatStuCo’s parent organization, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, which heard from new advisers who specifically requested resources tailored to them. Thus, the new adviser toolkit was born. Advisers starting a brand-new council or taking over an existing council now have access to a starter kit, which includes a welcome packet, constitution and bylaws templates, email/letter templates to help advisers advocate for an active student council within the school, and a directory of adviser and student resources. See the “New Advisers” section for all these essentials.

You know how hard your councils work to make a positive impact in your school and community, but how do you begin to let others outside those two spheres know about your students’ achievements? Make your next stop the Adviser Resource Center’s “Publicize Your Council Activities” section, where you’ll find press kits, sample press releases, and social media guidance.

Additional features in the Adviser Resource Center include fundraising ideas, webinar archives, how-to videos, and more!

Project Planning With the National Student Project Database

The National Student Project Database has previously served strictly as a list, with limited ability to search for pictures and documents. To improve the usability of this online tool, we’ve redesigned the database to be a more dynamic search engine. Navigation is more intuitive, and projects are more accessible so that you and your students can readily get ideas when planning your council’s activities. The database also now features the top 10 projects of the month, with in-depth features on successful projects, advisers, and student councils. You can access the database from the home page of the website at

The national office is committed to supporting advisers, who are so pivotal in guiding and cultivating student leaders. With all of this support—and more to come—you will save time and energy while greatly enhancing your students’ leadership journey.

Discover these time-saving resources now at And, if you haven’t yet, be sure to join the Adviser Online Community. Don’t miss out on collaborating with peers, sharing best practices, and gaining solutions to your council management challenges. Join in at