Likely discovered by some knowledge-addicted procrastinator, “wikidiving” is an activity where one clicks through links in an online Wikipedia page, taking the user from one related page to the next. Before you know it, you’ll end up on a page far, far afield of your original search. Who knows what fun facts await?

Emergency Compliments

We’ve all had our bad days—days where we’re super down on ourselves and are desperate for a pick-me-up. Don’t worry—the internet has you covered. When all you crave is a kind word, visit A new, funny, and sometimes off-the-wall compliment is generated every time you visit the page. Need even more of a mood boost? Keep clicking “meh” to receive as many flattering comments as you see fit.

Viparita Karani

Sometimes all it takes to successfully relax is a new perspective. Viparita Karani, aka Legs-Up-the-Wall, is a pose practiced in yoga where one puts their back on the floor, kicks their legs up a wall, and closes their eyes. The position, in addition to restoring your correct posture, is naturally relaxing. It reduces blood pressure, stimulates blood circulation, relieves swelling in the lower body, and calms symptoms of anxiety. Visit for instructions.

Step Inside a Song

Channel your inner DJ with Song Exploder Presents: Inside Music, a WebVR experiment that allows the listener to see and hear the individual layers of select songs across different genres. Not digging that percussion? Want to isolate the vocals? No problem. Turn layers of that sweet jam on and off to hear the individual components of the song in a new way. Visit to get your groove on.