Financial aid, scholarship applications, admissions testing—the considerations students must take into account for their higher-education planning can be overwhelming. Whether they’re middle level students exploring their options for the future, high school students feeling the pressure of deadlines, or recent graduates who are nervous and excited about what next fall will bring, the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society have resources available to help them succeed. No matter where your students are on the path toward postsecondary education, these on-demand webinars can shed some light on the planning process:

You’re Accepted—Now What?

For seniors about to take that next step in their education, the most recent installment of the College Admission Planning Webinar series gives them tips for making a smooth transition to college in the fall. The webinar also has strategies for achieving a successful freshman year, finding leadership opportunities on campus, and engaging with their new community.

Getting Started With Your College Search

For those wanting a comprehensive overview, this webinar covers all aspects of the college search process—developing a list of schools, researching, visiting campuses, narrowing down choices, and preparing applications. Students will also find basic advice on admissions testing, essays, recommendation letters, and meeting deadlines.

Paying for College: Defined

This session helps students and parents build literacy about college financial aid, including scholarship options and availability. Knowledgeable panelists share how to approach this investment in an economical way.

In addition to the webinars offered in the spring, the sessions from last fall are also available on demand:

  • Applying to College: What You Need to Know Now
  • How to Shine in Your Scholarship Applications
  • Your First Step in Financial Aid: The FAFSA
  • First Steps in Writing Your College Essay

Empower your students to succeed by sharing these resources with them and their families. Share links with your counseling staff, too, so they can see how these resources supplement their own interactions with your students. NHS and NJHS will be developing webinars for the 2019–20 academic year, so plan with your officers how best to promote these webinars in the year ahead. Visit or to help your students get started.

Mark These Recognition Opportunities for College Savings

Outstanding Achievement Award

The application process opens in January for the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award. Middle level students can be recognized for their exceptional achievements and earn $500 in a college savings account toward their future higher-education plans.

The NHS Scholarship

The 2018–19 NHS Scholarship Program awarded $2 million to 600 recipients, with amounts ranging from $3,200 for national semifinalists to $25,000 for the national winner. The 2019–20 application process will open in October and close in December. Encourage your rising seniors to brainstorm their service and leadership experiences in preparation for the application.