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My Rise Experience: More Than Just a Scholarship

I first heard about Rise during my sophomore year of high school. While scrolling through Instagram, I found a video about a program that provided opportunities for promising young people committed to serving others. This piqued my interest. The application itself was fairly straightforward—all it required was that I record videos talking about my passions...
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Honor Society Update: June 2019

Financial aid, scholarship applications, admissions testing—the considerations students must take into account for their higher-education planning can be overwhelming. Whether they’re middle level students exploring their options for the future, high school students feeling the pressure of deadlines, or recent graduates who are nervous and excited about what next fall will bring, the National Honor...
Advise, Advise: Volume 47 (2018-2019)

A Conversation With… Jenny V. Ha

Jenny V. Ha, a National Honor Society (NHS) scholarship recipient, is the Legislative Affairs Subcommittee chair and youngest serving board member on the University of Southern California (USC)Norman Topping Student Aid Fund—a student-led initiative to provide financial and academic support to high-needs students. She is currently a freshman majoring in sociology and pursuing double minors...
Advise, Advise: Volume 47 (2018-2019)