Being named an NHS scholarship finalist is a prestigious honor that comes with the obvious perk of dollars toward a college education. But did you know that finalists also receive the trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C.? Every spring 25 high school seniors designated as finalists come together to meet each other in person, learn from one another, and hear from inspirational speakers. 

A few of the 2023 NHS Scholarship Finalists in Washington, D.C.

Applications for 2024 NHS scholarships open today. If you need inspiration, read what a few of last year’s finalists had to say about the entire experience: 

“Being an NHS scholarship finalist has been pretty life-changing. It’s very rare to be in an environment with such high-achieving students with so many different goals in life–but also with the same common goal to be able to help other individuals. Trailblazing Leadership week has been a game changer for me.” 

 –Keira Adams 

Franklin High School, El Paso, TX 

“Overall, National Honor Society has given me such an amazing platform to speak out. It’s definitely made me a more confident leader, and these are all skills that I can continue with me as I continue to college and even as I become a future physician.” 

–Serena Goyal, 2023 Scholarship Pillar Winner 

River Hill High School, Clarksville, MD 

“Trailblazing Leadership Week has been absolutely amazing. Meeting the 25 finalists, every one of them has such a unique story. I’ve loved spending time getting to know what they’ve done in high school, and it’s been super inspiring.” 

– Deborah Chu  

The Woodlands High School, Woodlands, TX 

“Trailblazing Leadership Week did surpass my expectations. I think one of my favorite things is meeting all the other finalists here.” 

–Jennifer Vo  

BASIS Chandler, Chandler, AZ 

“Having the ability to learn how to fundraise, learn how to network, learn how to touch into and tap into certain circles that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to, is a skill that the National Honor Society has been able to give me.” 

–Jeremias Castillo, 2023 National Winner  

Technology High School, Newark, NJ 

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